What is ?

  • is a connector to a database maintained by thermo-control.
  • This database contains the manufacturing data of thermo-control products with a serial number.
  • With the link of the serial number the respective data is collected and displayed.
  • includes a label with a 2D barcode (QR-Code). This barcode contains a web-link to this site with the respective serial number.
  • Read more information about in the online documentation.

Your benefit

  • All data of the registered product is available at any time through a device with an internet connection.
  • The stored data cannot get lost or being manipulated by others. No need to store paper or files on the local network.
  • Earlier delivered products with a serial number can be registered and equipped with a -label.
  • After the purchase of the -label you can use the data without the need of login somewhere or paying license fees.